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Geller Insurance Our work is performed independently of any insurance company, financial institution, trust company, individual client, or group of clients. We operate on behalf of our clients with the objective of providing brokerage and consulting services rather than promoting insurance company products.

CompuOffice Software Inc., producers of LifeGuide The LifeGuide® Professional Financial software sets the standards for independent life insurance and financial product research, evaluation, comparison, information and quotation software.

The LifeGuide® Professional Financial software is designed, produced, maintained and distributed by CompuOffice Software Inc. CompuOffice Software Inc., a fully independent software firm and a leading designer and producer of quality software for the professions.

The LifeGuide® Professional Financial software covers the entire range of life insurance and related products, including:
  • Term (all forms, incl. increasing and decreasing DB)
  • T100 (all forms)
  • Whole Life (all forms, incl. detailed yearly CSV and RPU figures)
  • Universal Life (all forms and options, incl. detailed yearly values)
  • Critical Illness (all forms with extensive product detail and research filtering)
  • Long Term Care (all forms, incl. detailed side by side comparisons)
  • and Specialty and Niche Products.

While covering the widest range of products, the LifeGuide® Professional Financial software also covers the largest number of products as well as the largest number of life insurance companies.

The LifeGuide® Professional Financial software is used by thousands of consumer-oriented financial services professionals and firms coast to coast. Since many years ago, LifeGuide® is widely recognized as the leader in quality, scope and value. LifeGuide® IS The Professional Choice®.

Creative Planning Financial Group Creative Planning Financial Group was formed in 1971 with the goal of being the financial advisors of choice to the business community and professionals.

Our structure allows us to focus on the quality of advice we give. We expand our knowledge and expertise through strategic relationships with industry professionals and by way of organic growth. We select new advisors carefully, to ensure their goals are aligned with Creative Planning’s overall culture – to create an environment where independent insurance and financial advisors can elevate their practices within a professional atmosphere that focuses on our clients’ financial success. Our advisor retention is second to none.

We believe that communication, education, mentorship and teamwork create a solid foundation to grow an insurance and financial advisory practice. We provide weekly sales meetings with everyone at the firm. We hold weekly educational sessions for our advisors through our in-house technical resources, select product providers, and trusted professionals from the community. Through this ongoing involvement, we provide up to date, relevant, and actionable solutions for our advisors and their clients.

PPI PPI is a leading marketer of insurance solutions. We offer actuarial, tax and specialized expertise in all aspects of life insurance, and specifically in its design and custom application. Earning our partners’ trust is at the heart of everything we do.

The complementary marketing channels of PPI:

· PPI Advisory is dedicated to the high net-worth market whose complex estate and tax planning needs demand sophisticated life insurance strategies. In-house experts work with insurance advisors, their clients and professional advisors through a consultative and in-depth process.

· PPI Solutions is a national resource for insurance advisors who serve the broad Canadian market, offering proprietary tools, a comprehensive product suite, unparalleled life insurer relationships and competitive compensation.

PPI is a tireless supporter and advocate for Canada’s insurance advisors. www.ppi.ca

Canadian Group Insurance Brokers Inc.
Canadian Group Insurance Brokers Inc. is an Association of brokers who specialize in the employee benefit marketplace. The group also includes non-broker members who specialize in the employee benefit field and make significant contributions to the group.

The goal of the group is to work together to help educate our members in order to better serve our clients. We accomplish this through monthly breakfast meetings, educational seminars and informal information exchanges.

Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc. Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc. specializes in providing nothing but employee benefit solutions to small and mid-sized businesses located in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our services extend to a variety of client groups including those with special needs such as:

- Home based and family businesses
- Employees with pre-existing health conditions
- Newly formed businesses operating less than a year
- Firms with staff ages 65 to 85 and above
- Firms with employees in Ontario and across Canada
- U.S. Based firms with Canadian staff and offices

At Mainstay, we pride ourselves on providing ongoing education to our plan administrators. This helps to ensure that your company’s benefit plan is administered efficiently and effectively and designed with cost controls in mind. It also ensures that employees receive the benefit coverage they are entitled to and helps to reduce any potential liability on the part of the employer. This apart, here are more reasons as to why you should rely on a specialist – Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc.

Hull & Hull LLP Hull & Hull LLP is proud to be recognized as a regional and national leader in trust, estate and capacity litigation, mediation and estate planning. With experience dating back to 1957, our reputation is built on five decades of successful service and unwavering attention to the needs of our clients.

Based from offices in downtown Toronto and downtown Oakville, we help people find custom solutions and resolution to complex estate, trust and capacity disputes. With experienced professionals who have literally written the book on estate, trust and capacity law, and a team of trusted lawyers ready to advise, advocate and counsel clients from all walks of life, we stand ready to serve individuals throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), the Province and nationally.

The Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CIFPs) The CIFPs is a non-profit association of Canadian Certified Financial Planner® professionals. The association is an independent, effective, and powerful advocate for the CFP certification marks and the financial planning profession in Canada.

Membership is open to all Canadian CFP® professionals, Associates who have completed their pre-license educational requirements, Students who are currently enrolled in a qualified educational program leading to CFP certification, and concerned investors.

CIFPs will advocate on behalf of its members and the CFP certification marks with regulators and the public. We won't let them forget that the CFP marks represent the highest standard for financial planners - here at home, and abroad.

The Edge The Edge Benefits is Canada's Lifestyle Protection Company.

As a Third Party Administrator we partner with four leading Canadian insurers to provide nine best-in-class products designed to safeguard the lifestyles of Canadians. Most of our plans provide immediate coverage, guaranteed to issue with NO medical questions.

We take pride in setting a standard of WOW in everything we do.

We provide the self-employed and small business owners with insurance solutions that are specifically designed to meet their needs. Over the past 30 years our simplified approach to offering comprehensive living benefit solutions to the Canadian consumer has been revolutionary in the insurance industry.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives and sales consultants are happy to answer any questions that you have about our unique products and services. We are easy to reach, and happy to help. You can email or call us toll free, and speak to an English or French service representative. Call us to learn more.

Snap Projections Snap Projections helps Financial Advisors, Planners and Investment Managers save time, increase revenue and receive more referrals through a financial & retirement planning software platform.

Snap is simple and easy to use, yet very flexible to accurately model a variety of client situations. It is interactive, allowing you to instantly compare scenarios right in front of your clients' eyes. The reports are easily understood and appreciated by clients. Snap is optimized for asset de-accumulation, which makes it an excellent choice for retirement income planning.

If you want to add more value for your clients with financial planning, simplify your planning process or spend less time on planning and more time on advising your clients, Snap Projections will bring significant value by reducing the time to do planning and will result in more educated, more satisfied clients who generate more referrals.

Life Design Analysis - LDA LIFE INSURANCE

Sell More Life Insurance | Save Time | Automate Compliance

Life Insurance Planning Made Easy
LDA's insurance management software is created for advisors who want to save time and increase sales. Studies show 9/10 people are confused by their insurance options. The majority of those people are visual learners, who would purchase today if they knew what they were buying. LDA searches and compares life insurance policies across all major providers, creating an advisor branded visual presentation that helps clients understand their options and makes their purchase decision easier.

Compare Any number of Policy options with Custom Report Components
Make a lasting impression on your clients with our advisor branded, customizable & visual reports. Drastically reduce the time it takes to mine policy data, compare quotes, and create presentations so you can increase your sales. Compare any number of policies, show guarantees, changes in dividends, and produce a tailored report that helps your clients feel confident in your recommendation.

Enhance Your Clients' Experience
LDA helps you deliver proactive service to your clients, with opportunity notifications for policy updates, needs analyses, and even birthday notifications. With the ability to easily share presentations with your clients, you'll also have access to engagement stats so you can see where they are spending the most time and address those areas. Our software gives you access to all the information you need to quote, compare, and present the best insurance options to your client.

Advisorcraft ICON Protocol Do you want to be a Million Dollar Life Insurance Producer

At Advisorcraft Media, our crusade is to preserve, promote, and propel the life insurance agent business. We do this by producing, promoting, and distributing world-class live and virtual life insurance agent training and coaching. We believe in the financial pillar approach to providing financial advice with specialists in each pillar collaborating to provide consumers with the best possible advice.

Our programs include:

1. SOLIS – the monthly subscription, School of Life Insurance Selling series that includes a 2-hour webinar conversation with an industry icon including video and transcript, a 2-hour group coaching session with Jim Ruta, and the Advisorcraft Monthly Special Reports on sales and business success strategies.

2. Masterclasses, a deep dive conversation into how icons do business with some of the best in the world to give you insight you don’t get any other way.

3. Specialty virtual agent development programs distributed for world-class advisors.

4. 5R Personal Sales Coaching with Jim Ruta to help you Review, Refocus, Revise, Re-engage, and Re-energize your business.

5. The new quarterly fun and focused Sales Strategies Sessions with Van Mueller on Getting Prospects, Getting Appointments, Making Presentations, and closing sales.

6. Power of Platinum™ elite advisor mentoring and coaching program featuring Mark Halpern and Jim Ruta going deep on Mark’s HNW on his sales approach to Tax-Minimization and Philanthropy.

7. And Live Sales Development Events with top advisor guests and Jim Ruta at your event.

For more information, please visit www.Advisorcraft.com.

Hunter McCorquodale Special Risk Disability, Personal Accident and Contingency Insurance

Providing solutions to advisors for the hard to insure since 1997

Established in 1997, our core mission is to develop, distribute and underwrite Special Risk Life, Accident and Health products to provide solutions for client needs that cannot be fully satisfied in the regular market. We do not deal directly with consumers, but rather through licensed intermediaries – financial and insurance advisors, benefit consultants, and selected national account distributors across Canada.Our staff are carefully selected for their knowledge, expertise and commitment to industry leading service to advisors.

We hold many exclusive domestic insurer relationships and significant underwriting authority through Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s.

Through our insight, innovation and integrity, we help you to insure your hard to insure clients.

Mallard Wealth Advisors Helping you achieve your best financial life.

Achieve Your Best Life
Founded in 2000, Mallard Wealth (previously known as Brian Mallard & Associates) has decades of experience to your wealth management. Mallard Wealth is an independent, comprehensive, integrated financial advising firm based in Saskatoon. We service all of Western Canada, committed to bringing you financial well-being that puts your mind at peace.

The Mallard Wealth team is a diverse group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. We’ve built a team of highly skilled Wealth Advisors that use an integrated approach to wealth management, combining expertise to create highly customized and holistic financial plans. That’s a fancy way of saying they’re here to help you achieve, and maintain, financial independence.

We share a passion to see our clients achieve their dreams. Reach out now to set up an appointment.

National HealthClaim Corporation If you’re an advisor that works with business owners, don’t forget to maximize their bottom line by introducing a Health Spending Account (HSA) from National HealthClaim. Tens of thousands of business owners in Canada are taking advantage of HSAs, but many are still unaware of the potential tax savings.

Talk to business owners about their family dental care, eye, and vision costs, prescription drug costs, or routine paramedicals like massages or physiotherapy. Once you tally these costs, show them how within fifteen minutes of meeting you, you can save them money with an HSA. You’re bringing them a product no one really has talked to them about before. And it’s all about savings. It gives you a foot in the door for more conversations that follow, regarding insurance and other products that you’ll help your clients with.

Contact Andrew Brandsma at andrew@nationalhealthclaim.com or call 587-331-9257 to learn more, and to discuss how promoting HSAs with your clients can also result in thousands of dollars in recurring residual commissions for your business.

Geller Law Experienced Lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. Strong legal professional skilled in Financial Loss Litigation (losses caused by: stockbrokers, mutual fund dealers, portfolio managers and life insurance agents), Dispute Resolution, Financial Planning, Securities Litigation, and Legal Research.